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  • 250 tests per month (~2 urls, mobile and desktop)
  • 1 team member per account
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  • 1,250 tests per month (~5 urls, mobile and desktop)
  • 2 team members per account
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Small Team


  • 2,500 tests per month (~10 urls, mobile and desktop)
  • 3 team members per account
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Medium Team


  • 5,000 tests per month (~20 urls, mobile and desktop)
  • 5 team members per account
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Large Team


  • 10,000 tests per month (~40 urls, mobile and desktop)
  • 10 team members per account
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All plans include

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited Lighthouse Test groups
  • Consolidated Lighthouse Test reports
  • Weekly or daily email reports
  • Unlimited API and CLI calls
  • Early access to new features and tools
  • Slack App integration (coming soon)
  • Browser Extension (coming soon)

Need something different?

If a plan above does not fit you–or your company’s–needs, feel free to reach out and we can come up with a plan that does.

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🌈 Barter Plan

I feel like the world could use a little more human connection and sharing, and less focus on the almighty dollar 💸. So, here are a few of the services, tools and goods that I would be interested in. If you happen to run, are affiliated with, or offer one of these let me know if you’d like to work out something.

  • Hosting service
  • Transactional email provider
  • Email marketing provider
  • Hosted websockets service
  • Uptime/status page service
  • Error logging service
  • Visual regression testing service
  • Automated browser/device testing service
  •   Headless CMS service   
  • Advertising services
  • Design tools
  • Dev tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Writing tools
  • Podcasting tools
  • Rad fonts (designer/foundry)
  • Music / Vinyl
  • Zines
  • Art / Posters / Prints
  • Art books
  • Graphic design books
  • Architecture books
  • Business books
  • Self-help/motivational books
  • Screen printing shop
  • Stickers / Sticker printer
  • Tote bags / Tote bag printer
  • T-shirts / T-shirt printer
  • Surfboards / Surf stuff
  • Skateboards / Skate stuff
  • Guitar / Bass effects pedals
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does poor performance affect my site’s success?

    Coming soon

  • Why is my the accessibility of my site important?

    Coming soon

  • What is Optimize Toolset?

    Optimize Toolset is a suite of services and tools to help you increase the performance and accessibility of your site. It runs automated Lighthouse tests across the url(s) of your site(s) and generates a consolidated report letting you know which issues affect all your site’s pages, or just a few.

    And that’s just the initial offering. I am evaluating other useful tests and tooling that can be offered to Optimize Toolset users to help them make their sites the best they can. So subscribe to the newsletter to keep up on all the updates and new feature announcements.

  • What are Lighthouse tests?

    A Lighthouse test is an testing tool that Google created to help site owners and developers evaluate the performance and accessibility of their site(s). Below are two examples that allow you to test an individual url. If you would like to test multiple urls across your site and sreceive a consolidated report across all of them, you can sign up above 🙏.

  • How often do tests run?

    Currently, Lighthouse tests run every 6 hours, or 4 times a day. I have experienced a few inconsistencies when it comes to the numbers returned when running consecutive tests against the same url, so by running them 4 times a day, reports can be generated from the average of those tests.

    You will still have access to the individual test results, in case you want to dig into why a specific test performed either really well or poorly, but all reports and alerting will be based on the averages in order to normalize the results and reduce the number of false alerts.

  • Can tests be ran manually, as well as automatically?

    Yes! You can manually trigger a test to run via the online dashboard. As well as through the API or CLI client. Which makes it easy to integrate with your current deploy or continuous integration (CI) setup.

  • Can I integrate Optimize Toolset with my existing continuous integration (CI) setup?

    Yes! Each account is provided access tokens that can be used to easily setup tests to run based on requets made to the API.

  • Can I setup my own custom testing configs?

    Currently, no, but the plan is to add that feature very soon. Right now, each test is ran against the default mobile and desktop configs that are used on PageSpeed Insights.

  • Do you offer discounts to non-profit organizations and open source projects?

    Yes, and yes! Depending on the organization or open source project, discounted–or even free–plans can be negotiated. I would take great pride in supporting organizations or projects who could use the help. Email me and lets talk.

    However, if you’re the NFL, or another huge organization or open source project that clearly has the cash, but it somehow viewed as a non-profit in the eyes of of the goverment to avoid tax obligations or is making plenty of cash by providing services on top of the open source software you have made available, kindly scroll up to the Plans section and pay the regular rates like everybody else.

  • Why would I pay you for this?

    • Because you value your time.
    • Because the performance of your site is important to you.
    • Because the accessibility of your site is important to you.
    • Because you take pride in crafting a well performing and accessible site that your visitors love.
    • Because you like supporting independent developers who is trying to build a helpful service, and make a little money doing it.
  • Why did you build this?

    I love to build sites and services, and take a lot of pride in the attempt to build them the best I can. While doing that, it can be easy to lose focus on certain things, as more difficult or pressing demands pop up. So, this is my attempt at making sure I don’t lose site of some of the core factors that go into making a site available and enjoyable for the people who visit it.

    You can read more about the what’s and why’s in the About and Purpose pages.